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Abbot Dr. Mar +David Michael, MEd, MS, DD, ThD
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Providing Hands-on training, experience and performance in Music Theater and in making instruments in the sacred Hebrew tradition of the Tabernacle of Moses and the Temple of Solomon.

Sutton Hoo Lyre-Harp Coming Soon for $130 plus $18 shipping!

        Sutton Hoo Lyre-Harp is claimed to be of Saxon design but many consider it to be of an earlier Celtic influence.  This instrument comes as either a 6-stringed Pentatonic tuning or as a 10-stringed Diatonic tuning in replacing the horned harp currently being sold on this site.  

The plans of the Sutton Hoo Lyre-Harp below show its construction.  In our case, we are adding a piezo pickup system to each of these instruments that we sell.   The cost for the 6-string version is suggested to be $130 and the for the 10-string version is $150.  We should begin shipping later this month with a dark Mahogony frame and Werstern Red Cedar back and front.  The tuners will be standard zither pins with an included tuning wrench.  

Battleharp Music Now Offering Performance Workshops

    We currently offer harp making and in playing the kinnor lyre-harp with the development of a 12 part harp choir.  Future workshops include:
  • Scenography
  • Lighting Design
  • Sound Production
  • Music Composition
  • Costuming
  • Acting
  • Directing
  • Scriptwriting
  • Voice in Song
  • Harp and Voice Choir*
  • Interpretive Dance
  • Harp Making*
Harp Choir
     We are very excited about our harp and voice choir in the ancient style of the Temple of Solomon where 12 people will play 12 harps and sing 4 to 12 separate polyphonic melody lines - all in harmony.
    Each harp-singer will play and sing the same melody line with the words of the psalms in English but re-translated to follow the metric and word order and importance of the original Hebrew words of the Psalms.  When combined with other harp-singers, this provides for minimally a 4 part harmony of harps and voices.  

    Battleharp Music has existed in various expressions since 1982 wherever Abbot David has lived.  Over the last 25 years, he has taught music, harp making and performance to kids and adults alike.  Since these early days, David has earned a BA (High Honors) in Dance Drama and Music and is K-12 Teacher Certified in DoDDS in Music, Theater, Video Production and various computer-based technologies. 
    In addition, Abbot David holds a MEd in Educational Administration, a MS (With Distinction) in computers (think computer music and digital robotics here) and a DD and ThD in Theology.  He is also a University of Hawaii Certified Historical Preservationist.
    These  credentials complement his passion for theater, music and performance which he now carries into the exceptional classes he teaches in encouraging students to think outside the conventional theater, music and instrument making 'box' to achieve new music and acting' fusions and in  the invention of new kinds of instruments and performances.  
    His over 25 years of teaching K-12 and college classes in Hawaii and Colorado gives him great confidence in the classroom and on the stage having performed extensively in the US and Britain. Battleharp Music will be offering workshops starting in the Fall of  2015 in Buena Vista, Colorado.  

Bible Character Performances
    A list of Bible Character performances offered by Dr David for church and other events will be available soon.  For booking these performanbces, contact Abbot David directly.

Music Certification Diploma

    We are currently developing a Certification in Music Theater (CMT) designation that covers a wide range of taken workshops to include a selection from the following music and theater areas of study.
  • Scenography
  • Lighting Design
  • Sound Production
  • Music Composition
  • Costuming
  • Acting
  • Directing
  • Scriptwriting
  • Voice in Song
  • Harp and Voice Choir
  • Interpretive Dance
  • Harp Making
  To be awarded the CMT certification, students are required to satisfactorily complete a minimum number of workshops and provide a portfolio of student work done in the workshops to the instructor for A-F grading.  In addition, evidence of time spent in responsible work activity in music theater productions must be provided.  For more information, contact Abbot David directly at


New Book for Harp Making

    Abbot David has recently published a book to be used for the harp making classes.  

Making , Playing and Composing
on the 10 Stringed Lyre Harp

By Abbot David Michael, ThD

  8.5" by 11" with 66 pages


Order Kindle Book at:

    This is the only book in print that provides detailed step by step instruction to even the novice in making, playing and composing on the ancient 10 stringed Lyre-Harp. This harp called a Kinnor by the Israelites dates to the time of King David and has been an instrument of importance for over 3000 years in many cultures.
    This simple construction method in fully explained steps with lots of pictures reveals the secret theory behind how resonance is designed and created in an instrument. This is a must have books for any stringed instrument maker whether they are just beginning or advanced in their skills.


Concert Temple Kinnor
The Concert Kinnor Harp-Lyre is made by special order only.  it is made of the wood of the bible harps called Acacia that is found in Hawaii known as Koa.


The Concert Kinnor Lyre-Harp comes with tuning key and 1/4" thick plywood nagahyde covered plush case.  Also included is the new book  written by Abbot David Michael called, "Making and Composing on the 10 Stringed Lyre Harp" seen to the left of this column.  
Order Your Shepherds Harp Here!
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Hear what the harp sounds like! 
Sorry for the bad recording - will have a better recording up soon!


The Shepherds Harp is a back-packers sized harp made of various hard and soft woods.  To any Battleharp, I can add a personalized wood-burned engraving  starting at an additional $20 to the discounted online price of $150 which is over 15% off from the normal retail price of $180.  Add $18 for shipping and handling for destinations in the Continental US for a total of  $168.00.   Click the "BUY NOW" button below to place your order.

Contact Abbot David if you want to buy a harp.
The arrival of a Shepherds Harp takes 10-15 days due to current order volume.  Since we are a Christian ministry, we also  accept donations.  You may donate by pressing the DONATE button below and type in the amount you want to give to support this ministry.  More about our ministry at School of the Propphets  

  Mystery Play/Music Performances

Battleharp Music are available to provide performances of the Medieval styled Mystery Plays accompanied harps, woodwinds and percussion.  Performance may include a 12 voice instrument and harp choir with verse.  We are currently accepting and  scheduling performance dates for venues in NW Arkansas.  We are requesting a donation to cover our travel costs, food and overnight stays if needed.  Contact Abbot David for more information on scheduling.

Front of the Shepherds Harp

Back of the Shepherds Harp


Example of wood-burned design by
Abbot David Michael